May 9

What I’m Wondering about The Peculiar Children Book Series

Ok, just a warning if you haven’t read ALL the books you might not want to read this. I know Fiona is their friend but if they would find her it isn’t like she can live outside the loop. She wasn’t in Abaton with them so her eternal clock wasn’t set back. Are the kids going to go to school with Jacob I don’t think they will? Is the 5th book being written? What does the 4th book hold? Is there some adventure they have to go on? This question the book can’t answer but, why did Ransom Riggs change the style of the book cover like all of them were black and white and then this one is just an old fashion yellow picture looking style. This question is huge and it is from the first book what happened to the twins in the first book? They were there and now they aren’t or are and no one says anything. Maybe Ransom Riggs forgot about them altogether, were they killed. I’m currently trying to get in touch with the author through Instagram and see if he will tell me.

May 8

What Would I Do if I Was Jacob

I have been thinking about this question what would I have done if I was Jacob? Would I of died when facing off with a hollow or even a wight? would I have left the loop or stayed? Would I have believed that my grandfather aka Jacobs grandfather was crazy? would I question me feeling different more? I would have stayed in the loop a little longer but I would miss my home and go home like Jacob did. I’m also a curious person so I would of question my differences more. I also feel I would have stayed in the loop because the hollows are still out there. They can become wights if they eat enough peculiar souls and I would never truly feel safe. Plus after having an adventure like that, I don’t know if I could go back to my old life. lastly, my parents would never understand me. They would never trust me again after running away and I couldn’t tell them they would think I was crazy like Jacobs did.

May 7

What I Thought About Library of Souls

Library of souls has now stolen the slot of my favorite book. It was so amazing it went into so much detail in the book I could picture things without a picture. It is amazing how much Jacob changes as a character and not just him all of them. Jacob isn’t scared anymore and knows that he isn’t ordinary. Let’s talk about how Emma has changed since the first book in the first book she is like a brick wall she doesn’t let people in and doesn’t show emotion By the end of the book she has let Jacob in. In the second book, she starts to show emotion, In the third book, she feels emotion but doesn’t show it because she needs to be strong to save her friends. Jacob also figures out so much more about his peculiar ability like the fact that he can talk to the hollows. The book is so suspenseful you just can’t put it down. You think he is gonna die multiple times I won’t say when so I don’t spoil it. The ending was everything there are no words to describe it. If I had to pick a sentence to describe it, it would be everything you could hope for. I’m not sure what is gonna happen in the 4th book the series seems complete? I guess we will see what happens next?

May 6

My 4th Book has Arrived

My fourth book as arrived, Map Of Days, today the day after i finished it and the cover is different to all the other ones but i like it and it is double in size compared to the third book.  The cover is more of a yellow older photo and all the others are black and white. Well, let’s talk about something the book itself without the cover it is black with a bird holding a clock standing on a snake. The first one is red and it says Alma LeFay Peregrine. The second one is light blue and it says Perplexus Anomalous. The third one is mint green and says all the children names and Addison and miss peregrines name like the first book. Well, let’s leave the topic of the look of the book and talk about what could happen inside the book. What is gonna happen with Emma and Jacob? Is something wrong with peculairdom again?  Are they gonna go to school? What could be happening! Is the 5th one being written or no?

May 6

My opinion on the all 3 of the peculiar children books

After reading all 3 of the books I can for sure say the 3rd one is my favorite then the 1st and the 2nd. The third book remarkably shows Jacob’s peculiar power and it remarkably shows much he has changed since the first book. The ending is amazing I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read it. If you haven’t I definitely recommend the whole series it is astounding. It doesn’t just show how much Jacob has grown as a character but all of the children and everyone. I do believe the ending was a little far fetched but it was definitely what I was hoping for while reading the book and I’m not complaining. I can’t wait to read the 4th book I believe the 5th one is being written it isn’t set in stone yet. well back to the books, I have read. The 1st one tells a beautiful story about Jacob meeting the peculiars that he thought weren’t real. Then having to help then save peculiardom which takes place in all three of the books. The 2nd one is mostly about then trying to get to Miss Wren in the amount of time they have. The 3rd book is mostly about Emma and Jacob saving their friends and all of peculiardom. The endings in all of the books are everything.

May 5

Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children Movie VS Book

Most of the time when you talk about watching a movie based on a book you will hear the book was better which is most of the time true. Like miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children, the book is 1000 times better. in the movie, they switch around Olive and Emma which makes no sense. Emma in the book is much better she plays such a bigger role than in the movie. Still in the book Olive plays a big role and Olive or Emma in the movie. well, and the story isn’t even the same. in the movie, his grandfather comes back to life which makes no sense. I don’t quite remember I haven’t watched in a while. Also in the movie, all the children are kids, except for Jacob, Olive, Enoch, and Emma, unlike the book which only Olive and Clarie are kids. lastly, The story its self isn’t that same like at all like what is happening isn’t at all the same. If you don’t believe me read the book and let me know if you still disagree.

April 5

What is the point of PSSA’s

Kids every year in 3 to 8th grade take the PSSA’s or Pennsylvania System of School Assessment. We just take as we are told but why do we take them the PSSA’s point is to evaluate our school and teachers. why do us students get put under all this stress for a test that doesn’t even affect us? So we can learn what teachers are teaching their students can’t tests be used for that? Why can they just look at that and say well everyone knew this or no one knew this? The answer is they could.

April 4

Books I suggest

Are you looking for a new book well u have come to the right blog? My favorite books are the peculiar children series. Don’t say u have seen the movie we have gone over this book is WAY better. Holes was a very good as well it tells a very nice story and the characters tell u so much. Ugly it is a very good autobiography I normal don’t read stuff like that but this book was amazing.  there are a few books you can check out.

April 4

My Favorite Peculiar

You all should know by now I’m reading the home for peculiar children book series. I’m only at the beginning of the first book so my opinion may change. My favorite peculiar children are Melina Manon, Emma Bloom, Olive Abroholos Elephanta, and Althea Grindelwald. Melina telekinesis which means pretty much she can moves stuff with her mind. Emma has fire powers she can light her fingers up like a birthday candle. Olive can float if she doesn’t wear her lead boots she floats up and up. Althea has ice powers she froze a whole room as a base. my favorite Character and peculiar is Emma by far. her character has an astounding peculiar ability and her storyline is amazing too. l find it marvelous how brave her character is, and how she never lets her feelings affect her.


March 22

What I like and hate about Hollow City

Today I’m reading hollow city and 1 thing I enjoy is pretty much everything. If I had to choose it would be the detail it helps to put a picture in your mind. 1 thing I don’t like is the names half of the names. I have never heard of for example Enoch or Bronwyn or even Hugh some of the names I had to look them up how to say. something I’m wondering is if Jacob is going home or not because of caul and Miss Peregrine.